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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a. super bowl week has arrived and the festivities officially kick off in minnesota. the eagles and patriots go head to head opening night facing thousands of media members from all over the world. outside the city of minneapolis is coming alive. it's cold but the is red hot as the countdown to super bowl lii shifts into high gear. tonight the players took center stage with the super bowl spotlight shining right on them. we have live team coverage for you from minnesota.
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jessica dean is at mall of america with more on the festivities for fans. but let's start with sports director don bell. he's at xl energy center in st. paul where the eagles and patriots met with the media. don? >> reporter: ukee it has been an amazing night. literally within the last three minutes or so media night came to an end. what they now call opening night here for super bowl lii. and the eagles they came to the stage and it was a complete reverse from what the patriots did earlier tonight. when the patriots came out they were all quiet and subdued. when the birds came to the stage they had their phones out, they started to dance a little bit. they are not shy they are not scared of the lime light. and of course, had an opportunity to catch up with a bunch of guys, including carson wentz. >> just being around it last year being at it just kind of ticked me off i don't want to be
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here in this capacity again and now i'm here i'm stoked for the team but i want to be playing in this thing again. i'll definitely use it in my off season and to hopefully get the guys going next year. >> if you can't have fun in this game i mean playing ball when you're this age, you have fun doing it. and if you don't have fun, aur 'not going to have fun at this age at this level. that's why i make sure our guys try to have as much fun as they can. >> reporter: and fun is exactly what they have. fun is what this guy only had. you know who this is was that fun for you? >> yeah it was for sure. we had a chance to meet up the one and only jeffrey laurie. and what is most important about jeffrey laurie he it down over the vikings so i asked him
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about that. >> going through the tape, how would you grade your dance moves after each of the wins? >> i don't know. my only goal in those dance moves was to not embarrass myself, that was it. and get out of there. because i think i'm poorly focused and poorly trained in dance moves. >> not to harp op dance moves, but when you see the way your team is as loose as they've been all year how important is it? >> i think they're always loose. it's part of the identity of the team very hard-working focused during the week and on sundays they play loose. >> so not going to do the jeffrey in front of everyone here right now. >> are you sure? >> yeah i'm good. but it is important that he mention it that the players are so loose going into such a big game and you can tell. talking to these guys just
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incredibly loose they're ready. >> no doubt about it, coming up later in the show we have one player who decided to interview lane johnson on our behalf speaking of having fun. you don't want to miss that. in the meantime let's go right up the road to check in with jessica dean hanging out at the mall of america. jd? >> reporter: hey guys. and pat we know you know how to do the jeffrey because we saw you learn it a couple of weeks ak. so i'm just going to throw it out there. he does know how to do it. maybe he'll do it for us at some point. thanks guys. we are here at the mall of america in bloomington and this is close to where all the players are staying they've got a lot of media working out of here. this is another hub as it would be in this super bowl little fun thing that we're doing up here in minneapolis and st. paul and bloomington. they're calling it the bold north. earlier tonight we were in
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downtown minneapolis for super bowl live. we were checking out what people were up to tonight and we found that it was a big celebration that was really playing to the hometown crowd and they were happy to see their city on display. the sounds of excitement beat through downtown minneapolis monday night. >> it's fun to have so many people down here doing all different activities and we're excited to show what our city is about. >> reporter: from virtual reality to ice sculptures there was plenty of entertainment, with a prince tribute concert drawing in hometown fans. >> what are you looking forward to? >> sheila e.! morris day and the time! the birds! >> reporter: foods like nordic waffles fueled people for a night of revelling in their city before the crowds headed in. >> we came out with the family to check out the fun stuff that's happening. >> very fun. there's lots of lights it's
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very bright. it's a fun time. >> a party atmosphere. >> a sell bringtory atmosphere. >> everybody -- celebratory. >> even it is cold they didn't seem to care. coming up in just a little bit we're going to go back to philly, back to jersey around we know that eeg -- and we know that eagles fans have no qualms about showing off their pride about wearing their pride. but some fans are taking it next level. and let's just say it's keeping some local salons in business. they're very busy right now keeping them quite busy, ukee. we'll check in with that a little bit later. >> the theme is green but to what extreme we'll kind out jessica dean. thank you so much. meanwhile back here at home we're talking about snow. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking the wintry weather. >> some parts of the area actually seeing snow right now. let's take a quick look at storm scan 3 two systems to watch. this one here is going to bring the snow to the city and suburbs
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tomorrow but first we've got a coastal low that's been bringing rain all day to the shore points. still some heavy rain falling but as cold air filters in that has changed over to snow in burlington county as portions of atlantic county as well. there could be light accumulations as well overnight. rain mix for shore points overnight. light accumulations possible, by 10:00 tomorrow morning light snow will start in philadelphia that will continue through the midday hours and clear the coast by your tuesday evening. and that's when it moves out to sea. so how much snow are we talking? well it's just a general coating to 2 inches for the entire region. you have to allow for up to 2 inches. i think the best chance to see 2 inches would be the north and west suburbs and the slightly higher elevations and possibly down the shore and into burlington atlantic county half inch tonight another half inch to an inch tomorrow, a coats coating to an inch along the i-95 corridor.
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coming up we will time out that snow tomorrow. more chance for snow in the forecast. one of those comes just in time for super bowl sunday. more on that. >> philadelphia police tonight are taking a closer look at a deadly shooting by an off duty detective. it happened just before rush hour at broad and biler in south philly. authorities say a man hit a pedestrian and got out of the car and got into a fight with an off duty police detective. that detective was treated forehead injuries pulled out a gun and fired several times. the suspect died at the hospital. the police commissioner says what's concerning is home times the detective shot the suspect. >> there are some concerns because of the way the shots were fired and positions and things like that but at this time i'm just being very candid about the fact that we do have some concerns about the discharge. >> authorities are not releasing the deceased suspect's name. police say a good samaritan used his car to prevent the suspect
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from hitting more people. the effects of an incident earlier on the patco will continued to be felt for tomorrow morning's commute. a train hit a utility pole this morning in cam done knocking out service. as a result of the crash trains experienced significant delays. patco patco says service will be affected as well. at this point they do not have an estimate for when the problem will be fixed. straight ahead tonight, how much does facebook really know about you. does it know your political preference? the social media giant thinks so. how facebook is labeling you as a liberal or conservative. likely without you realizing it. plus, a local boy and his family get a super bowl surprise. how a minnesota vikings fan is making this 13-year-old's dream come true. and from hair to nails, eagles fans are perfecting their super bowl looks.
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how local salons are going green for makeovers.
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we are back here at the mall of america in minnesota getting ready for super bowl lii and while we were in minneapolis, we saw a few fans but listen. nothing compares to what it's going to be like in the days leading up to the super bowl and what's currently happening back in philly and south jersey and the delaware valley. there is just no limit that eagles fans will go to when it comes to wearing their pride. they're taking it next level and alexandria hoff is in center
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with more on that. >> reporter: if green is the color of envy then patriots fans go ahead and be jealous. from lips to locks, eagles fans have been flocking to south jersey's tranquility salon and spa to get their super bowl looks perfected. >> overall it's a lot of excitement a lot of coloring things green like mohawks and beards. >> reporter: and it doesn't end there. >> we also have green eyelash expenses in the spa. >> reporter: jennifer is the hair director. she and colleagues have been kept busy with clients requesting touches of green glam. >> we've already prepped and have had a surplus of green hair extensions because it's super temporary and raelt fun. >> reporter: the salon is treating this week as a pep rally of sorts and there's nothing like glitter green ombre nails. with your nails and hair covered, don't forget about eagles green make up.
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super bowl chic indeed. >> we've had several times where they've broke out out into the victory song. >> reporter: alexandria hoff cbs3 eyewitness news. >> reporter: that seems like the perfectly right response to green eyelash sexengss or ombre nails or hair. whatever the case may be. just break out into the chant. that's going to wrap it up for us here at the mall of america. we've got another full day tomorrow so see you then. >> thank you so much. we'll get back to don in just a bit. and we have you covered all super bowl week with jessica, don, pat and lisa johnson reporting live from minnesota. you can also find complete eagles coverage at cbsphilly calm. and this friday we are celebrating the birds and the fans, eagles nation. join us for the big one more win line up starting with 4:00 5:00
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and 6:00 followed by a special one more win fan fest edition of eyewitness news at 7:00 and before you know it it will be sunday funday. the second the game ends, we will be live on the air right here on cbs3 bringing you post game comments from the coach, all the players and we will give you a front row seat as fans react all the cross the region. it's eagles. eyewitness news sunday night. we know facebook taylors ads you see based on preferences and posts. but the social media giant is apparently also pegging you as a liberal or a conservative and you probably don't even realize it. nicole brewer is here how much facebook knows about its users. >> they know a lot about us. let's just say that much. our digital team featured an article from the birds today which revealed how facebook labels users politically. so we did a little digging and discovered our political leanings were just one aspect of
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a very detailed user profile. when it comes to politics how willing are you to share on social media? >> i share somewhat. >> not at all. >> i try to not make a post that's too controversial. >> reporter: regardless of what you post did you know facebook has you pegged? >> it makes sense. they have a lot of data based on my likes. >> reporter: based on what it thinks you are, it labels you liberal, moderate or conservative under preferences. >> >> i didn't know that. >> this is totally buried. you r you'll find your categories with u.s. politics towards the bottom. there in black and white, your per received political affiliation. >> i think they nailed it. >> very interesting. >> remember when you're not paying for a service like facebook you're the product. >> reporter: a cyber security expert says facebook tracks our every digital step, even when we're not signed in to create sophisticated user profiles sold to advertisers.
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>> they know our preferences, they know the types of sites that we visit the things we're purchasing online. >> i think they can read my mind too because i have thoughts. >> while they wouldn't listen what we say or watch what we do he says it's important to review terms of service, monitor your settings and think twice before you give access to microphone, camera and contacts. >> makes me want to go home and check right now. >> reporter: okay. so if you would like to remove the u.s. politics label from your user profile, we do have instructions for you on just search for the post under talkers. i will say quickly about targeting marketing high kate by the way. for a lot of people it's very convenient because you're searching for that great winter coat and finally that perfect one pops up in your facebook feed. that's not bad thing. >> that was interesting the young lady says reading her mind and it shows up on her news
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feed. >> i tried yelling over and over in the office cool ranch doritos to see if it would show up. >> did it work? >> no. >> thank goodness for that. we would all be a little scared. >> straight-up creepy. >> next time just go to the snack machine. >> let's talk some snow. we'll have some issues for tomorrow. we've had a number of these this winter and it looks like we've got three more to talk about in just a 7-day forecast. let's start off with the one that's impacting us tonight. it's raining down the shore. boardwalk plaza camera and rehoboth beach. our two systems two separate systems and that's good news. we don't want those to join forces. if you join that coastal moisture that coastal low with the arctic front moving in behind it, that's a recipe for big snow. this one is moving out before the front starts to move in.
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so this is what will bring us the snow in philadelphia and the suburbs tomorrow. this one bringing some rain and snow to the shore points tonight. you can see how the cold air filtering in you can see how the green is changing to purple as snow mixes in with the rain. northern new jersey seeing snow right now, possibly a little snow across portions of delaware. this is kind of a mix slushy snow possible accumulation there. temperatures are only in the 30s and you can see the brisk wind around the coastal low. it's much quiter to the northwest. no problems out there right now and temperatures tonight will drop down to about freezing in the city. it should stay generally dry. if we get brushed by the edge of preccip, it's tomorrow the snow will impact the city during the midday hours so let's time that out for you through the rest of tonight a mix of rain and snow for the next couple of hours down the show. that should push off the coast by 2:00 a.m. and then we watch phase 2. a line of snow negatively tilted here. what we're talking about is a
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surface trauf, we call this a norland trauf. what it's doing is pulling in moisture from the ocean and cold air from the north and west and along that axis you get snow showers. that's coming through around 3:00. pretty snow showers there around the city and moving down the shore and exiting the coast later on tomorrow evening. so again general coating to an inch is a good rule of thumb. best chance for 2 inches in the poconos. around an inch with isolated amounts in the lehigh valley. roughly a coating to an inch in the city and suburbs. the worst part of the day will be midday, the afternoon. the afternoon commute lingering snow showers but your morning commute should be okay. it's mostly light snow to the west. and then we jump ahead. thursday, thursday night it will start to rain and then friday morning another round of light snow for your morning commute. again not a lot of accumulation expected but enough to slow down that commute. so tomorrow midday wednesday and thursday are quiet then friday morning starts with snow
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and we could see yet another round of rain or snow just in time for super bowl sunday. as we're watching the eagles sunday it may just be snow. >> and snow may be coming down around the groundhog. >> yes. let's hope he gets snowed on. >> really. >> thanks kate. it's time to check in again with sports with sports director don bell he's out in st. paul minnesota. db? >> hey ukee. a young budding reporter decided to step in and give me a run for my money tonight. we're talking about michael kendrick in an interview with lane johnson. it was that kind of night here in st.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other family fun reaches a new peak.
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so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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request. welcome back to the x here as people here call it in st. paul. i'm don bell, once again opening night of super bowl lii. that means the festivities are officially under way. thousands of media members here in this building conducting really many interviews. and one guy decided that he wanted to be a member of the media tonight. that is starting linebacker michael kendrick. here he is using our mic interviewing lane johnson. >> a question for you. what do you mean to this eagles locker room? >> i'm just a voice. i'm just a voice who doesn't want to hold back who says what everybody thinks, even if it gets him in a little bit of trouble. i'm not going to be politicalry correct up here. you know i am a little bit because there's got to be some headlines trending going up going up. but i like to have a lot of fun with my guys i love going to work every day. it's so much fun. god bless everybody.
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>> now, i don't think i would have gotten that answer had i asked that question. michael kendricks, thank you for the job brother. we appreciate you. by the way, if you take a look at lane johnson's glasses in that interview, he was wearing jay ajia's shade he said his swag level went way up. i'm don bell. let's go back to the stud joe where lesley is standing buying. >> the sixers continuing the 4-game road trip against the bucks and after playing joel embiid sitting this
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one out. the orange and black will play 33 games in 66 days. the flyers just like everyone else. pulling for the eagles. after today's practice they did this. >> up next a super bowl surprise for south
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>> a 13-year-old boy from south jersey got the super bowl surprise of a lifetime. the eagles super fan found out today that he is going to minnesota for the big game. cole fitzgerald received tickets as a gift from a minnesota vikings fan who won them at a charity event. that same fan saw a previous story we did when cole got unprecedented access to the eagles team earlier this season. >> want to thank the fan sorry for his season good luck next year. and, yeah. >> oh yeah.
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the vikings fan asked to remain anonymous. cole a cancer survivor who has overcome many obstacles is now getting ready for a trip to minneapolis.
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 for our entire team, i'm ukee washington. the late show is next. thanks so much for watching. have a good night family and
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sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now another a, the "late show" exclusive, stephen colbert's interview of piers morgan's interview of president trump. >> stephen: president trump thank you for sitting down with me once again in switzerland. let's move on. i'm going to use your words to make you look like a complete and utter dumb ass. >> i don't care. >> stephen: let's do it. you recently said negative things about the continent of africa. would you like to make amends by saying "i love africa"? >> loves -- i love scotland. >> stephen: close try again. i -- i love -- i love the


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